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Happitude Blog

Happitude Blog

In any relationship, one of the foundational core values is trust. Trust is when you have faith in your partner because you feel secure around them. When you don’t have that faith in your partner, it affects you internally and may cause emotional distress. Growing up, I always witnessed constant family conflicts, parents doubting each […]

Growing up, I hadn’t really been ‘fat’ or ‘chubby’. But as soon as I hit puberty, my lifestyle and eating habits changed drastically. And these bad eating habits led to excessive weight gain. Originally, no one at home pointed out these weight gain problems to me, perhaps because they are more sensitive as parents to […]

In our everyday lives, we hear a lot of gossip, whether it is at our workplace, home, school or college, or on television about renowned personalities. We usually enjoy listening to these gossips, and engage in sharing a few of these too. But gossip tends to have two sides to it: as entertaining as it is […]

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