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How Much is Couples Therapy?

Recurring conflicts? Feeling disconnected, distant, or disjointed? Facing strains and stressors in your romantic life? Couples counselling is the answer you’re looking for. The best therapists in Delhi can help you understand your problems and overcome them. One such couple therapist in Delhi is Dr. Rashi Ahuja, founder of Happitude Studio, a counselling clinic based in Delhi. They provide counselling services in both online and offline modes. Dr. Rashi Ahuja, who is one of the best therapists in Delhi, has helped many couples deal soundly with their personal and marital issues. 

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes- married couples, unmarried couples, same-sex couples, couples with children, etc., all of which come with their own set of roles, values, beliefs, and conflicts. The nature of these relationships differs, and so does the nature of their issues, and a good therapist can help a couple understand the type of relationship they have, the nature and root cause of their conflicts, and help them reach a long-term resolution. The best couple therapist in Delhi will help you understand your problems and find the best ways to deal with them. Happitude Studio has the best couple’s therapist in Delhi. Their team, led by Dr. Rashi Ahuja, the best therapist in Delhi, has highly trained professionals equipped with skills in couple counselling, among others. They can provide you with counselling for various concerns, including couples counselling, at reasonable prices. What makes the therapists at Happitude Studio the best therapists in Delhi is their ability to be impartial and treat all their clients the same way, despite the stereotypes and prejudices that exist in society. They do not believe in any kind of stigma and are open to all kinds of couples, making sure to have an open and welcoming atmosphere to help every couple get the counselling they deserve.

In this day and age where relationships are evolving from a confined and defined space, a couple must strive together to determine the nature of their relationship as well as its purpose. Pre-defined roles, values, and beliefs can lead to conflicts. To avoid such conflicts, the couple must talk through things and establish the true nature and meaning of their relationship. However, conflicts can still arise after this for an endless list of reasons, like children, family, intimacy, trust issues, etc. The best couple therapist in Delhi can help the couple deal with such conflicts and help them develop a common understanding and strong bond that helps the relationship grow.

A couple simply isn’t an entity of its own but is comprised of two people who are dynamic in their own way and have their own lives, ideals, self-image, opinions, and personalities outside of their relationship. This makes a couple more complex and layered than previously imagined. If one person in the relationship is struggling with personal concerns like health concerns, mental health disorders, anger issues, substance use, etc., it will have an impact on the other person in the relationship as well. In such cases, even if the concerned person is seeking individual counselling, it becomes important for their partner to understand what the person is going through and support them, which is where couple counselling can help. Seeking counselling from the best couple therapist in Delhi will provide the couple with a safe space where they can openly discuss their concerns that their relationship is facing as well as their individual challenges.

Couples counselling is one of the most prevalent forms of therapy and seems to be on the more destigmatized side of therapy, as some conflicts can be resolved by introducing a mediating party skilled in conflict resolution techniques as well as several management techniques to establish tranquilly in the relationship. Dr. Rashi Ahuja is one of the best psychologists in Delhi equipped with such skills.

The availability as well as the affordability of therapy is making it easy for anyone in need to reach out to a therapist. You can end your search for the best therapist in Delhi by contacting Dr. Rashi Ahuja, the best couple therapist in Delhi. As we know, therapy is a safe space for one to express themselves openly, and Dr. Rashi Ahuja is trying to destigmatize society in order to make therapy more approachable to the common people. To that end, Happitude Studio offers therapy at reasonable prices, and the therapists there are working hard to make therapy more accessible to the general public.

Many a time, resolving issues at their own level gets difficult for the couple. Reaching out to the best couple therapist in Delhi can help the couple work through the difficulties and save the relationship. Couple counsellors are trained in psychotherapy and family systems, and they focus on the concerns of their clients with the goal of resolving the relationship issues. They seek to identify the source of the problem and to develop skills that will aid in the relationship’s strengthening. If you are looking for a couple therapist in Delhi, you can approach Dr. Rashi Ahuja. She has provided guidance to many couples on how to productively manage the relationship and the roles and responsibilities that come with it. You don’t have to be in a bad relationship to get help. Couples who just wish to improve their relationships and develop a deeper understanding of each other can also benefit from couple therapy. The best therapists in Delhi can help them learn to cope with problems more effectively and avoid minor issues escalating into major ones.

Often, people prefer to turn to close friends or family members when it comes to discussing their personal and relationship concerns. This choice may not be effective in the case of biased advice. Trusting the best couple therapist in Delhi with your relationship issues takes a lot of courage, and it is indeed a step taken in the right direction. Dr. Rashi Ahuja promises to provide a safe, unbiased, and non-judgmental environment to assist you in achieving your counselling goals. So, if you are facing any concerns in your relationship, contact the best couple therapist in Delhi without any hesitation and make your relationship grow stronger.

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