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Happitude Blog

Happitude Blog

Coming out as LGBTQ+ can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to telling family members. For many, parents’ reactions can make or break the experience. As someone who has always been more attracted to guys, I was nervous to tell my parents about my identity, but I knew it was something I had […]

We look for a safe space to feel understood and acknowledged in our relationships. Sometimes, we cannot find it or provide it in our relationships. It might even hide beneath the surface. This leads to conflicts and acts as a source of discomfort in relationships. That is when couples therapy can help. Couples therapy can help […]

Motivation — is it something that you struggle with? Do you find that your energy levels dip after a long, hectic day? Do you find yourself searching for how to pronounce motivation? If so, then you are probably not alone. Many people experience this kind of situation throughout the year. As adults, we are often […]

Dealing with an Introverted Partner Introverted individuals tend to be more reserved, reflective, and inward facing. They often need more solitude and quiet time to recharge and may not always be comfortable in social situations. This can create challenges in relationships, especially when one partner is more introverted than the other. When dealing with an

You reap what you Sow This idiom makes sense to me now when I talk about how I attach myself to people in relationships. When I first met my partner some 5 years ago, we hit it off well upon initial meeting. I had always been someone who desired constant reassurance and intimacy from my […]

Is there some Balance in Mother’s Work Life’s? Balancing work – life is an art. While anyone can understand how to balance work life through various workshops and seminars conducted by soft skill trainers and experienced speakers and motivational speakers, it is still different when it comes to a mother who is working. As a […]

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