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Happitude Blog

Happitude Blog

Life is full of problems and sometimes it becomes way too difficult to deal with. The way it happened with me, post schooling, even after trying my best I failed to get admission in my desired college and course. This was something I wasn’t expecting: “life is full of surprises”. I had no other options […]

As a university student, I experience my fair share of stress and anxiety almost every day. Assignments have their way of causing stress, but as someone with social anxiety, creating and maintaining new relationships in a new place, where I knew no one, caused me to experience a sort of stress I couldn’t handle. I […]

It’s been some time, she hasn’t come yet. Although I am not exactly fond of her but, yeah, I mean, I can’t let her go. She is a long time acquaintance. Almost a bittersweet friend. I met her first when I was in sixth grade. It was March 2015. The year before, when I was […]

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