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Happiness Begins with just
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It is natural to experience lows in life, relationships and work. We are here to help! Happitude Studio is Your Happy Space. Our aim is to provide High Quality Therapy in a safe, comfortable and judgement-free environment. You can trust us with all your worries and we assure you a newer, stronger and happier you!

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We can help with anything you’re struggling with—from stress and depression to concerns at work and relationships.


We go where your smartphone goes.
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Therapy can help you with

Stress, Anxiety
& Depression

  • Feeling sad, fearful or helpless?
  • Do you see yourself worrying a lot?
  • Are negative thoughts taking a toll
    on you?
Romantic Relationship,
Marriage & Family
  • Do you see yourself in a loveless relationship?
  • Experiencing trust issues?
  • Difficulty moving on post breakup?
Parenting, Child &
Adolescent Issues
  • Disturbed parent-child
  • Worried about raising a child singly?
  • Trouble managing increased tantrums?
Enhancing Self-love, Confidence
& building a Happy-Attitude
  • Do you often doubt your abilities & fate?
  • Do you see yourself as a victim?
  • Do things always seem to go wrong
    in life?
Office Politics, Poor Motivation
& Dissatisfaction at Work
  • Is going to office a task each day?
  • Feeling demotivated or lost in the
    rat race?
  • Difficulty getting along with co-worker?
Therapy for
  • Specialised EAP and Wellness Programs
  • Health Desks and Camps
  • Emotional & Behavioral
    Health Support

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Share your concerns freely in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment.

Set Goals

Get insight into your challenges, explore possible solutions and build personalised goals with your therapist.

Happy You!

Notice a happier version of yourself.

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Meet your Therapist

Rashi Ahuja is a Counselor, a Practitioner & Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is an alumnus of Delhi University, Christ University and California Hypnosis institute. Having worked tirelessly for over a decade in this space, she started Happitude Studio with an aim to empower people, help them find their inner happiness and lead a life with a Happy Attitude.

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