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Crucial conversations in couples therapy = a successful relationship

We look for a safe space to feel understood and acknowledged in our relationships. Sometimes, we cannot find it or provide it in our relationships. It might even hide beneath the surface. This leads to conflicts and acts as a source of discomfort in relationships. That is when couples therapy can help. Couples therapy can help you recreate that safe space for communication and love in your relationship.

When trying to solve problems in relationships, we often get distracted by who is right and who is wrong. We want to prove our point needing to win the argument. Couples therapy helps you identify a shared goal and work towards it without getting distracted by these things. Therapy helps you stay focused on the shared goal to come up with solutions to issues faced in the relationship by both.

When we feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a relationship, we might react by withdrawing or getting aggressive. We might not be able to understand these signs of stress in ourselves or our partners and often don’t know how to respond. So, we react instead of responding. Couples Therapy teaches us the skills to be responsive and not reactive to the situation. This makes each person feel understood and in turn, helps them understand their emotions as well. Dr. Rashi Ahuja, the best couple’s therapist in Delhi says that “whenever there is a conflict in a relationship the best way to deal with that is to focus on the response to the issue presenting itself rather than focusing on criticizing one another”

We are taught to think in black and white, good and bad. This limits our options when it’s time to solve a problem. Couples therapy makes you step back and explore more alternatives to the same solution. It might be difficult for couples to involve a third-party perspective in their relationship. Dr. Rashi Ahuja, the best therapist in Delhi feels that this might be beneficial in providing a different lens to view the issues and eventually come up with creative solutions.

We tend to get defensive when we see our significant other reacting to something. Couples Therapy teaches you to see silence or violence as a response to feeling unsafe. The person goes into fight or flight. It teaches you to ask the question, what can I do to restore safety at this moment instead of what can I do to defend myself? When you understand the source of the reaction, you automatically change your response. You start to have successful conversations that solve problems.

We tell ourselves the same story repeatedly. It becomes a pattern. We keep assuming why our significant other is doing what they are doing. It becomes a pattern. Couples Therapy helps identify these patterns and change them to adopt healthier alternatives.

Physical intimacy is another way we tend to feel safe. Dr. Rashi Ahuja says, “Hugs can reduce stress in a relationship. It is a way of showing support and creating a healthy environment.” With couples therapy, you learn how to use hugs and other forms of physical intimacy to improve relationships.

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