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Overthinking Leads to Negative Thoughts

The act of overthinking creates extraordinary thoughts which are mostly excessive and negative in nature. Overthinking is capable of creating multiple ‘pop ups’ in our brains, like notifications from our cell phones. It powers our humane ability to delve into negative thoughts. These negative thoughts can range from obsessing about past experiences, worrying about ongoing and the future events. It makes us question ourselves, dips our self-esteem and somehow feels more believable and “real” rather than just being a thought. It compels us to draw conclusions which make us lose touch with reality and provoke feelings of helplessness. The prevalence of overthinking is in youngsters and adults alike, making them prone to physical, emotional and psychological distress. Overthinking leads to declined productivity, physiological changes such as loss of sleep and appetite, slow reaction time, increased heartbeat, tightness in chest, muscle tensions, feelings of anxiousness, and psychological difficulties which can lead to problems in relationships or workplace.

As people become more concerned about mental health issues and how negative mental health affects their body, they are seeking mental health consultations from professionals like Dr. Rashi Ahuja, the best anxiety therapist in Delhi. She is an anxiety therapist based in Delhi who has been working with clients with anxiety and severe overthinking for over a decade now. She is also known for being the best hypnotherapist in Delhi. The consultation is available in both online and offline modes, which opens up many more opportunities for people to reach out to her. So, in your lookout for the best therapist, you should definitely consider Dr. Rashi Ahuja.

A recent trend suggests that people have started to indulge in overthinking and get more anxious because of what the media offers us to pay attention to. This is often found to be a reason for low self-content within the masses. That’s what Dr. Rashi Ahuja, who is the best hypnotherapist in Delhi, and also the founder of Happitude Studio, has been working towards, to hear you and guide you on how to positively channelize your obstructive thoughts according to your strengths and weaknesses. Happitude Studio is a counselling clinic where there is help for all mental health concerns, nurtured by therapists who ensure they are there for their clients and want what’s best for them. Here, under the guidance of Dr. Rashi Ahuja, counsellors try to bring their clients to a position where they are able to identify when they are overthinking, navigate their thoughts to more constructive ones, and help them work towards their desired behavior. The focus is at an individual level, which makes the clients realize more about themselves and their approach when they encounter a similar situation. These are some tips shared by the best anxiety therapist in Delhi, Dr. Rashi Ahuja, which might help alleviate your anxiety levels:

  • Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness is a form of meditation in which the focus is on being fully aware of what one is sensing and feeling at any given time. Practicing mindfulness can aid you to cope with the negative thoughts and engage with the world in your vicinity. It connects you with your surroundings and calms the inner self.
  • Identify negative thoughts: In an event of a stressor or if you feel the dark clouds have again taken over, try to swim your way into what could be the root cause so that it gets easier to deal with it. Negative thoughts have the tendency to occur repeatedly. In order to stop this, one needs to recognize these negative thinking patterns.
  • Replacing negative thoughts: Once you recognize the negative thoughts, the next step should be to replace them. You can replace them by noticing the thoughts when they occur, acknowledging the thoughts, articulating contrary thoughts and choosing positive thoughts. Remember anything that contradicts your negative beliefs. Keep positive affirmations handy. As this step can be difficult, taking professional help is recommended by experts. Dr. Rashi Ahuja, the best anxiety therapist and hypnotherapist in Delhi, with her enriched experience and insight in anxiety therapy will help you steer your boat in the right direction.
  • Acknowledge your efforts: This is indeed the most satisfying part. We often tend to focus on the times when we have not been able to manage our thoughts. Instead, focus on times you have been able to manage your thoughts and feelings and move ahead. So, remember to acknowledge the efforts you’ve put to reach somewhere because in the end, your inner self has been watching you working every day. And if you still feel things are slipping out like sand, then it’s a sign that you might benefit from therapeutic intervention, and Happitude Studio will serve as a one-stop solution for all your mental health needs.

If you are also struggling with managing your thoughts, give the above-mentioned steps a try. If you still feel the need, don’t shy away as you have access to the best anxiety therapist in Delhi, Dr. Rashi Ahuja. You would not want to miss an opportunity to transform yourself. The best thing is that she is working in both online and offline modes, and her clinic, Happitude Studio, has very well been matching her footprints to reach every client who seeks help. Afterall, the better your mind, the better you will be.

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