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Embracing the Joy of Missing Out: A Journey from FOMO to JOMO



Being an extrovert is often seen as an exciting and thrilling experience. The ability to connect with numerous people, form beautiful friendships, and immerse oneself in social gatherings can indeed be fulfilling. However, behind the facade of fun and excitement lies a nagging feeling called FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out.


As an extroverted individual blessed with multiple friendships, I found myself grappling with FOMO more often than I’d like to admit. The mere thought of missing out on parties or get-togethers would send a dip in my stomach, triggering waves of anxiety. Growing up in a household with strict parents who limited my social activities, the fear of missing out only intensified.


I vividly remember nights spent endlessly scrolling through social media feeds, convinced that I was missing out on something monumental. The fear of being forgotten by friends or excluded from future invitations plagued my mind, keeping me awake with restless thoughts. It felt as though my worth as a friend was measured by my attendance at social events.


But over time, I learned to free myself from the shackles of FOMO. I realized that it’s impossible to be everywhere and attend everything that comes my way. I made peace with the fact that I would inevitably miss out on parties, trips, weddings, and family functions – and that’s okay.


I came to understand that my value as a person and a friend isn’t determined by my social calendar. Instead of dwelling on what I’m missing out on, I began focusing on being present in the moment and cherishing the experiences I do have. Living in the present became my mantra, and with it came a newfound sense of liberation. I stopped comparing my social life to curated highlight reels on social media and embraced the Joy Of Missing Out – JOMO, if you will.


JOMO isn’t about withdrawing from social activities altogether; it’s about finding contentment in solitude and embracing the opportunities for self-care and reflection. It’s about prioritizing quality over quantity in relationships and appreciating the value of meaningful connections.


So, to all my fellow extroverts struggling with FOMO,  your worth isn’t tied to your social calendar. Embrace the Joy Of Missing Out, live in the present moment, and revel in the beauty of being exactly where you are.

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