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“Finding Light in the Darkness: A Journey Through Challenges, Resilience, and Self-Discovery”

Life is full of problems and sometimes it becomes way too difficult to deal with.

The way it happened with me, post schooling, even after trying my best I failed to get admission in my desired college and course. This was something I wasn’t expecting: “life is full of surprises”.

I had no other options and the clock was ticking. I had to decide something to save my year. Almost every student goes through this phase in life and I hope you can relate to this.But I had a huge pile of problems in front of me. 

Everything was sorted and going just fine. I got a new college with a new course and then a series of events started occurring. Some major issues like financial problems, interpersonal conflicts and educational pressure. 

Have you ever felt trapped in academic pressure and personal problems?

I consider myself an emotionally strong person but these events broke me. “Even the strongest person has a breaking point”. I started isolating myself, stopped talking to family and friends, and a cheerful person turned into a reticent. 

The situation got worse when I started to face health issues. My lifestyle has gotten worse. Zero physical activity, started hating myself, a lot of junk food and staying in bed made me sick. I even started feeling heart palpitations. 

After being in this condition for a long period, it forced me to think about a purpose in life and I am grateful to have supportive family members and friends. Even in my darkest times, they were there for me.

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” 

I tried so many things to cope but I failed so many times and started losing hope again.But in the end, I understood the importance of socialising and self-love, started finding the things I enjoy, and here good friends are the most powerful tool you have.

I started doing different things and there were some wonderful things that worked for me. I started engaging in physical activities, including meditation and music was a saviour for me.

I stayed consistent for months. Everytime I wanted to give up, I pushed myself harder.Eventually, massive changes could be noticed in my health and behaviour. The good feeling of being alive took over all the negativity, I started staying more active and also scored well academically. 

I emerged stronger and I am happy that I bravely fought with these thoughts and habits. 

“Happiness comes from solving problems”.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and the reason for these challenges in life is to make us stronger and better. 

Life is essentially a series of problems. “Don’t hope for a life without problems, there’s no such thing, instead hope for a life full of good problems”.

All these problems are very common in teenagers you might be going through. All I would suggest to you is don’t lose hope. Don’t fear failure, face your problems and show them you cannot be knocked out. Listen to your heart and do what seems good for you. Remember “Self love isn’t selfish.’’  I know you are strong, you can make it through and I am sure one day you will be proud of yourself.


By – Mohd Adnan

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