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Have you ever come across a person who frequently behaves in an irrational manner? Do they have an overall tendency to lean towards negative emotions? Such individuals are usually believed to have neurotic tendencies. Neurotic people are those who have been afflicted by neurosis, a psychological condition in which a person experiences various mental, emotional and physical reactions that are drastic and irrational. Neuroticism can thus be defined as a personality trait which is characterized by distress, worry and a certain level of malfunctioning in day-to-day tasks. Neurotic behaviour is usually an unconscious effort to manage deep-rooted anxiety. While the term “neurotic” is often thrown about in pop culture as a pejorative, it is actually a personality trait that some therapists believe deserves greater attention. Psychologists all around the world, including the best therapists in Delhi, believe that neurotic tendencies could present themselves as symptoms of a variety of mental and physical illnesses. The degree to which such symptoms present themselves ranges from extreme neuroticism to low neuroticism. While people towards the extreme tend to experience fluctuating emotions and are more anxious, those towards the lower end are more stable and display fewer psychological problems.

Anger, low self-esteem, impatience, despair, excessive worry and guilt are some of the common signs that may help to detect a person with neurosis. The presence of such symptoms does not necessarily imply that the individual is neurotic. However, if their behaviour has become repetitive and worrisome, they should seek professional help from the best therapist in Delhi. If someone close to you is suffering from such problems, you can reach out to Dr. Rashi Ahuja, the best therapist in Delhi. Anxiety therapists in Delhi like Dr. Rashi Ahuja help people keep their worries at bay, eventually leading them towards a path of low neuroticism and better functioning in their daily lives.

Emotionally unstable people often have trouble managing their emotions. Due to their high levels of neuroticism, they can be perceived as annoying by others. They might possess displeasing habits such as criticizing others, constantly asking for reassurance, and arguing over petty situations. This can ultimately affect their close relationships, causing them to seek help from professionals like anxiety therapists in Delhi. People high in neuroticism can get into unprecedented conflicts. For instance, they might be seen as unreliable by their friends and family, which may lead to conflicts among them. Therefore, it becomes important to seek professional help from the best therapist in Delhi if someone is going through these difficulties.

There are various causes that lead to neurotic behaviour such as deficits in brain functioning, genetics or childhood trauma. The anxiety therapist in Delhi can help an individual process and deal with such trauma.

There are various ways through which one can help neurotic people cope with their thoughts and feelings.

  • Listen to their concerns without any judgement. Being a good listener at the right time has a significant impact on people. The best therapists in Delhi can provide a listening ear to the individual, helping them to vent out their emotions in a comfortable space.
  • Challenge Thoughts: Encourage people to think differently about themselves, their lives, and their surroundings, particularly in instances where they are sad, angry, anxious, or stressed. You can also take the help of anxiety therapist in Delhi to learn how to challenge thoughts.
  • Make an effort to communicate with the individual and offer support. It is critical to be encouraging so that they feel valued and appreciated. The anxiety therapists in Delhi offer a supportive environment with positive regard, helping people express themselves and deal with their anxiety.
  • Neurotic people frequently overwork themselves and feel irritable as a result of their exhaustion. It is thus critical to request that they take a break, perhaps by doing some breathing exercises. The best therapists in Delhi can teach them some relaxation exercises and help them manage their daily lives better.
  • Teach them some grounding techniques such as the 3-3-3 rule (name 3 things you can see, 3 things you can hear, and move 3 parts of your body; ankle, fingers and arm). This can help ease their anxiety and bring their focus back to the present.
  • Encourage them to seek professional help. Everyone seeks help at their own pace and when they are ready. Try to persuade them of the value of therapy and how it can benefit them. The best therapists in Delhi can help people with neuroticism deal with their difficulties in a safe and judgement free environment.

Possessing a high level of neuroticism does not imply that one is different or disadvantaged. In fact, neurotic people offer sensitivity and observance in a manner that others do not. Therefore, it is possible to channel neurotic behaviour in a positive way, ensuring that one learns how to better manage their negative thoughts and emotions. The help from anxiety therapists in Delhi can aid this process, leading to emotional well-being. Professional treatment can greatly help in benefiting those who are suffering from neuroticism. To find the best anxiety therapists in Delhi, reach out to Dr. Rashi Ahuja, founder of Happitude Studio, and allow her to help you tread the path of a worry-free, emotionally stable life.

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