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Working Moms and Balancing Work Life

Is there some Balance in Mother’s Work Life’s?

Balancing work – life is an art. While anyone can understand how to balance work life through various workshops and seminars conducted by soft skill trainers and experienced speakers and motivational speakers, it is still different when it comes to a mother who is working.
As a full-time working mom, it is more about multitasking mentally and physically depending on what is the job role of the woman.

Women have these days started mentioning on their LinkedIn’s about them “working as a full-time mom”. Why? So, the industry is aware about their sabbatical or work gap. It is going to count after they have nurtured their child/children to the levels they wanted to. You know what it takes to become a mom and while you are working and nurturing a baby in your womb as a woman you know there are multiple emotions swirling around your mind already to which the physical comfort is added day by day. The conception of the thought of “balancing work life” and “managing work life” starts right from the time the baby is even known to be coming to the world sometime soon.

The constant worry, care and concern, responsibility affection keeps me as the mother pulled back towards the baby as he needs the me most especially for the beginning 2 years of their lives. While this is the baby’s need, I as a mother also need to my mind wings in the open air.  themselves which is very often ignored.

What is more /challenging?

It is one of the greatest challenges to look after both the baby and one-self when the baby is still trying to adjust to the world beyond the mother’s womb and needs his/her mommy almost every next hour for at least the beginning of their lives until three and six months, it is very important for a mother to seek support from family, cousins, siblings or friends so she can relax and focus on her work.

The irony is that a working woman can hardly sit back for long in her couch after a break. Now, my baby makes me even more powerful a mom who is managing every single meal of her child, her family and herself in systematic manner because now a single minute is precious.

We need equal time for our passion towards whatever we do – be it as a photographer, a scientist, a designer, an IT expert, researcher or a social science expert. Ask mom’s and their thoughts of vain are all about them not getting time to what they like and be with their babies at the same time. Thus, many mom’s today prefer to work on Hybrid or Work from Home mode.

Family Support makes a Difference

The challenging part is that this is all possible only when she has a supportive family who can babysit her child most of the time while she nourishes her baby with affection during her breaks or when baby needs her more than other times of the day.  She could be a mother who has always only breastfed her baby she could be the mother feeding her baby formula but at office if she forgets to make sure the baby has his/her meal by the time needed – a lot of emotions come into picture like anger, irritation, frustration and often thoughts of leaving everything she does outside the baby space and sitting home.

But will the baby be always this little?

No. While I may miss my child’s most precious time, I could also miss a lot of life which I don’t want to repent later for. A huge sabbatical often leads to feeling unconfident about what you know to do the best. This is the reason many moms today are working. They know that taking help for household chores is better than taking help for their own mental health.  Maybe, I love my baby who is born to me with utter discomfort and challenges, but now that I am nurturing him as mother, back home from work I am checking on him and ensuring his needs are met when I am away while staying active with my brains working.


Steps to Stay Connected with the Baby

From installing baby cameras to keeping a check on their babies while they are away and schedule to call the responsible person around the baby just when s/he needs so s/he isn’t ignored. They prep meals and arrange the groceries all in advance which is often taxic while managing their work schedules specially if a woman is not tech savvy. Running errands for the family and prepping for the next day at office, giving valuable time to baby and also spend some hours with the spouse on weekends, prepare for festivities and be available for the next day call at office and commute from office to home and vice – versa also while mentally calculating what needs to be prioritized back home.

All these things day in and out also impact how exhausted we get. The glaze of the child’s sparkling eyes in the end of the day who sleeps in my arms yearning for it does give her tears of joy yet comfort. Moms sacrifice their moments not only to work and earn or follow their passions but to also stay sane and healthy while giving their best to their child. 


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