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Rhea Kochhar

Rhea Kochhar

Counselling Psychologist

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I am a Counselling Psychologist and I believe in the importance of listening & that every individual needs to be heard. This is what I also have to offer to people coming in for therapy.

A Counselling Session is where a person gets to explore their emotional well-being, thoughts, ideas, experiences and when they get a space to openly share about the same without being judged it provides them with a chance to work on the gaps in their experiences with a Therapist. I consider a Therapeutic relationship as a Two way street where the Client & the Therapist have a lot to learn and grow.

I have worked with Children, Teens & Adults which have made me understand the dynamics and importance of the relationship between Childhood & Adulthood which coincide in the experiences of a person when they become an adult.

I specialise in dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Issues related to Self Esteem & Self Confidence, Social & Emotional Skill Development in Children, Issues related to Parenting, Postpartum Care & Support, Stress Management


Counselling Psychologist


MSc. Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Hypnotic Coach

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